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zoinki asked:

Hi! I'm working on an Elsa costume for Halloween, and since your cosplay is so incredibly epic, I was hoping you could answer a couple questions... What kind of corset did you use, and where did you get it? Also, what kind of fabric did you use to make the blouse? (I'm trying to find something thin enough that will still hold up to sewing, and I'm not sure where to start.) Thanks!

I used the cheapest white corset from
Unfortunately, they don’t sell it in white anymore

For the shirt - try to find something like…mm…dance fabric (all that figure skating costumes)

smexirosie asked:

Hi! I'm working on an Elsa cosplay myself and I was wondering about something from yours because I love how yours turned out! Did you paint the plastic before putting the plastic in on your corset? Because I saw a picture you put up, but mine turned out really matt and yous stayed shiny plus it still having darker and lighter blue's.

No, I just used plastic bottle pieces :)

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